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Eligibility to apply

(1) Eligible applicants are: Artists and musicians who have completed a state-accredited university degree (Bachelor/Master). Self-application is not possible, the applicants will be selected by an independent jury.

(2) Excluded from the application are applicants who

1. do not have a completed university degree.

2. have already received a comparable funding commitment at the same time.


(1) The Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation will inform all artists and musicians in writing of the outcome of the jury meeting after its conclusion.

(2) In the event of approval, the Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation will issue a scholarship decision regulating the funding in the individual case.

(3) The funding will be transferred to the specified account of the Recipient at the required time in accordance with the respective project. Payment requires proof of sufficient health insurance coverage.

The essence of promotion

(1) Funding is given with the expectation that the recipient will work on the project of his or her choosing with all of his or her energy.

(2) The recipient shall have no legal claim to payment of the grant.

(3) The Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation assumes that the grant funds will be used for the intended purpose.

(4) The subsidy is tax-free under the conditions of § 3 No. 44 EStG. However, a binding decision, especially in cases of doubt, can only be made by the tax office responsible for the recipient of the subsidy.

Duration of funding

(1) The funding period refers solely to the respective project to be funded.

(2) Funding shall end immediately upon the occurrence of a case under section 2 (2) or if reasons justify the assumption that Section 2 (1) is being violated.

(3) The Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation reserves the right to revoke the grant and to adjust it in the event that it should transpire that information provided by the recipient is incorrect or that § 8 has not been complied with.

Funding amount

The amount of funding depends on the project to be funded, but should not exceed €5,000.

Notification requirements

(1) The Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation must be informed immediately in writing by the grant recipient if the grant recipient’s eligibility criteria have changed.

(2) The duty to notify shall also extend to changes in the account data.

The Executive Board, June 2021