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Since 2005 the Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation supports artists and musicians by funding and organizing performances, video and audio recordings, artist monograph publications, scholarships, artist in residence projects and exhibitions.

In the spirit of the founder, the artists create – through their art and music – an opportunity for communication which transcends language, cultural and geographical borders.

Kira Marina von Bismarck, Potsdam

Prof. Rudolf Buchbinder, Wien

Patrick Lithander, Berlin

Daniel Marzona, Berlin

Dr. Sebastian Nordmann, Berlin

Marie-Cécile Herzogin von Oldenburg, Lensahn

Prof. Dr. Peter Ruzicka, Hamburg

Lothar Schacke, München

Dr. Beatrice von Bismarck, Berlin


Kira Auguste Princess of Prussia was born on 27 June 1943 in Cadinen (East Prussia). After the family fled in 1945, she grew up in Bad Kissingen and Bremen. During her studies she spent some time abroad, then found a new home in southern Germany for most of her life. In her last three years, the centre of her life was in Berlin, where she died on 10.01.2004.

Due to her great personal affinity and passion for the arts, especially visual art and classical music, Kira Auguste Princess of Prussia has been personally very involved in this field throughout her life. Running the foundation of her parents Louis Ferdinand Prince of Prussia and Kira Grand Duchesses of Romanov based at the family castle Burg Hohenzollern in southern Germany since 1967. Thus, it has been her long cherished wish to establish a foundation for the promotion of artists.

In December 2004, the Kira Auguste Princess of Prussia Music and Culture Foundation was established to fulfill her will.

Today the Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation accompanies and supports artists in the long-term and assists them in their creative and professional development. In the spirit of the late founder, the Foundation, directed by her daughter Kira Marina von Bismarck, is active in multiple European countries. While the Foundation’s original focus was music, the Foundation’s purview expanded. The support of visual artists has steadily increased. Now its purpose includes various programs for visual artists and supports them by hosting, funding, and organizing exhibitions and performances. Furthermore, it provides residencies, produces video and audio recordings, as well as monograph publications. The Foundation continues curating concerts and commissions compositions to accompany contemporary exhibitions. Its work is not only project based, but favours lasting collaborations.

In the future, the focus will primarily expand to funding the Arts by way of monographs, residencies, and promoting cross-border group exhibitions.